Block BBQ

The fine folks from Computer Concepts Limited held a block BBQ on Wednesday afternoon. It was good weather and a beer and some sausages went down well.

Having driven past their office a few times, it was cool to chat with the director Bruce.

Robert Cringley has had a series of articles (1,2,3 that I found from Rod Drury (nice shirt by the way)) about Google Containers, but the coolest thing was Computer Concepts have this exact thing. They worked out that it was cheaper to build a server room in a 20ft container than build a fire proof server room. It wasn’t completely internally self-contained like the Google idea, but it had external diesel generator and dual air conditioning. It looked really cool, and had glass sliding door behind the normal container doors, so you could see inside.

So we (there where a few of us there) now know what they do: High availability data hosting, server monitoring/maintenance, network and DBA work.