New Dev Toy: HP iPAQ hw6515

Our new HP iPAQ hw6515 arrived today. It’s a great little device.

Very light in the hand vs. the JasJar.

Keyboard that feels usable compared to the iMates PDA2Ks, and the device is not going to break due to sliding the screen to access the keyboard.

Has built-in GPS.

Screen is smaller than JasJar, not even sure of it’s resolution, but it looks nice.

Here a couple of pictures of it as the backup battery charges (the main battery was full already) taken from the JasJar.

The funniest thing I’ve noticed recently with new devices is that you get warnings when the back-up battery gets to level like 25% or 50% saying “The battery needs replacing..” even though it is currently charging. The software need to check what direction the battery level is going. Small issue I know but funny.

HP iPAQ hw6515 from front
HP iPAQ hw6515 from side