Live Spaces is great!

I really like the referring site URL in the statistics section. Today I noticed a Google search, so I clicked to see how I was found. “PC-LINT” download warez what-the?, Google ranked this blog 4th for PC-Lint (a great product) & warez.

At first I though Google must be doing some voodoo as I’ve not talked about any of those things on this blog.

After refining the search to “PC-Lint” simeon showed my CV which explains the PC-Lint part of the results. Looking at the first result from the original search (a Slashdot page) didn’t have the warez or download word, so was matching only on PC-Lint which was only on the page once.

So that leaves the question why someone would want a warez version of this great tool. From the pricing page over at Gimpel a single seat is $239.00 USD, which is quiet a good price. If you were nasty you could even only purchase a single seat and install company wide. At Allied Telesyn we got 15 floating license for 80 people. So they are flexible, and a trusting company. Anyway I can’t recommend the tool enough if you’re doing C or C++.