Martin works top-secret style

So I was talking Martin today, and asked where in Oz he is now working, and he said “Silverbrook Research” so I jump over to Google and the first link is about patents, so I open the link and it’s a list of 639 patents applied for this year. (August 39, July 238, June 69, May 77, April 54, March 93, February 68, January 57) Looking at the list you notice common word counts like:

  • inkjet 131 times
  • printer 193 times
  • printhead 202 times

Gosh, that amount of money been spent on patent applications must be huge. Anyway Martin was tight lipped when asked if they license their portfolio etc.

They have no web site, but there are titbits of info around. Hmmm, very mysterious company.

One patent I read was Universal pen with image sensor which talks about a pen with an inkjet print head instead of a nib and a integrated scanner. What-the…