Playing with Node.js and jQuery

I’ve been experimenting at work. Using Node.js to make a very simple web back-end and using jQuery/javascript on the client side. For work it’s to test out idea’s for “web based product configurations” stuff.

But I’ve been re-purposing the code/lessons at night:

Asm webview
Asm webview

I’ve made those two parts as panels and you can scroll (arrow keys) up/down though the assembly lines (plan to link highlighting when there are more views) and the function details is auto populating and dynamic, and it’s ajax’ed back to the node.js server, and persisted to disk.

Small starts, but I’ve found a “framework” in which to explore some idea’s I’ve struggled how to UI for years, so am over the moon with how this is progressing.

The bonus: the resulting tooling is web based so collaboration is baked in…