Nikon Star Eater - Solved

A while back I posted some sample images, based on service mode on my D5100, and it was noticed that the mode we called Overscan (because it shows the dark pixels of the image) also had the Nikon Star Eater filter turned off.

I released a patch that turned overscan on for the D5100, but the black area makes the processing of the images ugly, and I never released it beyond that as it didn’t seem like a good end goal.

I have today tracked all the code paths down to find the two that turn the Star Eater filter on/off for over scan photo and/or when the exposure is longer than 1/5 second.

After some testing where I was getting confused with default exposure setting of RawDigger, I can verify it works.

NEF files, of 10 second exposures, showing it working as compared to the overscan mode and compared to orignal firmware

I expect this will be released to the BETA firmware patch tool sometime this weekend after more testing is done by the core team, but I would be interested in what Models astro people are keen for this on (no promises), I’ve got the D5100,D7000 done, but other models look “the same” albeit a touch different.

Next Astro features in the “to be done” list, is trying to remove the ~1.4 multipliers on the Red/Blue channels, and removing the black pixel = 0 adjustments also made.