Odd Advertising

The company across the road from where I work, keep having their adds pop-up on my blog.

Telogis AdSense
Telogis AdSense

I’m very puzzled what AdSense words I’ve mentioned to trigger it….


Telogis 2009-12-02 09:16:43

Hey Simeon,

Hi from across the road! We’re often on the lookout for programmers so since you’re blog is related to C# .NET and other languages and technologies we use, it makes sense to show ads to the readers of such material. We didn’t target your site (or you) specifically but I think Google has done a great job at targeting the right web surfers in this case.

If you do want us to block our ads from your site though we’d be happy to oblige.



Simeon 2009-12-02 09:22:25

Hi Scott, and the rest of the across the road people.

Bad weather today, yes?

I have no problems at all with your advertising… It just felt a bit doo-ee-oo, in a who’s looking over my shoulder (Google)…