Subversion upgrade missing UUID

We recently upgraded our subversion server at work because it was having performance problems, yet the new server also performed poorly, so our dev-svn-admin guy did a dump reload of all the repositories, to gain the benefits of the new Subversion file layouts.

There were a couple of hung transactions on some repositories, and two repositories (one was ours) didn’t have the UUID set, thus wouldn’t reload. No problem, he just set a UUID, and ta-da it loaded, but then our local working copies would not work, giving this error:

Repository UUID 'new UUID' doesn't match expected UUID '????????-????-????-????-???????????'

The first team just re-checked-out all the working copies the manually merged their local changes.

I pulled out Visual Studio and did a file based Find-and-Replace,


Whereas one of the my other team members came up with the following Cygwin command:

find . -name "entries" -exec sed -i 's\????????-????-????-????-????????????\1923097a-7eed-ce49-a323-f810e19527ea\' {} \;


Anon 2010-07-31 13:51:59

In terminal, you can do the replace using:

find /home/blahblah/Code/MyProjectFolder -type f -exec sed -i ‘s/OLDGUID/NEWGUID/g’ {} \;