Curse of the Azure Bonds - build 1.0.9

Installer 1.0.9 has been placed on the Google Code server. Issues fixed in this release:

  • Issue 5 - The correct exit message now plays when you try leave the Moander temple
  • Issue 6 - Moander sigil now fades at the correct speed
  • Issue 10 - Ranged weapons (fireball spell) can no longer target through walls
  • Issue 19 - The correct event happens when dealing with Dracolich
  • Issue 20 - This encounter now works
  • Issue 21 - The treasure picture now is displayed when sharing out treasure
  • Issue 22 - The world map icon now flashes
  • Issue 23 - Magic Darts are now pluralised correctly
  • Fixed text problem on the large map, where the last four characters were not cleared off the screen

Hope this further improves the playability of the port. I look forward to all issues, either in the comments or in the issue list.