New TV

A few weekends ago we purchased a big 32” LCD TV (big to us!). It came with a hard-drive recorder, and it is working out fantastically.

The TV and HDD Recorder have enough features to be causing learning difficulties for others in the house, but chase-play and no tapes is winning wife-acceptance-factor points.

After some much needed cabling upgrading, the Wii looks much better running 480p. GameCube games don’t look so flash, as they are running 576i, and there is colour sharing…. but I’m almost finished Zelda - Wind Waker.

I would like to buy a better cable for the MacBook to connect with, as the mini-DVI to Composite doesn’t run high-def, but that’s on hold to see what comes out of the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference next work. I am hoping for a beefed up MacMini. I would like to see a blend of the AppleTV’s connections, and the Mini’s flexibility (network connectivity and video codec’s.