Curse of the Azure Bonds update

I have updated the installer on GoogleCode since my last update.

Changes made are:

  • Fixed the CPU thrashing that occurred while waiting for user input in parts of the game.
  • Many changes have been made so the Demo runs to completion, and now it seems to be exception (crash) free. I had it running for 5 hours at work, with no exceptions.
  • Fixed some code translations issues.
  • Fixed some data translations issues. Used to control menu’s etc.
  • Worked on Spell memorization menu (not complete)
  • Fixed the synchronisation between the engine and UI so they both shutdown when the window is closed, or the game exited.
  • Made some improvements to how the installer upgrades itself (not very tested or checked in yet)

The game has been downloaded 17 times currently, and I have to say that is 16 times more than I expected. The first was me. I have had feedback which was very cool, thanks Paul.

Lots left to do, but I’ve got some motivation presently to keep working….