First Post from my new MacBook

My first laptop, and it’s a MacBook. I have gone to the white-side. Seems perfectly good so far. The lappy is faster than my workstation at work, and more than twice the processor than my old desktop at home.  I’m connected to the work wireless network, so I’m ready to start installing extra software.

The only issue is I’m currently using a Microsoft mouse, in the USB port….

That and my formatting like paragraphs are not sticking in Safari. Now that I have changed to Firefox, things are more normal. Didn’t think it would be that easy to drop a key package. Safari (mac) == IE (windows), to be avoided!


Simeon 2008-02-07 08:01:49

I installed Xcode while trying to find Boot Camp Assistant (so I could to Win32 dev).

I have started doing some very simple OpenGL in Cocoa, so I can port my game. I’ll get the UI layer working, then change the code from C# to something more cross platform.

Xcode is quite different from Visual Studio. in good and odd ways, but I’m getting my head around it….

Christopher Fairbairn 2008-02-06 19:38:58

Congratulations on the new laptop. Another one bites the dust (I also use a Mac at home).

Have you had a look at programming tools for your Mac? So far I’ve done quite a lot of python etc, but have only briefly looked at native Carbon or Cocoa programming.

With the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK due soon, taking a look at this is moving higher up my list of desired side projects.