CotAB: Installer now on Google Code

I have just uploaded the first installer for my Curse of the Azure Bonds .net port on the Google Code project download page.
The installer needs work:

  • Add a UI
  • Ask where to install
  • Fix the update functionality (so I can release updates)
  • Add shortcut
  • Check for and install the 2.0 .Net framework

What it does do, is drop all the required resource files to Program Files/Curse of the Azure Bonds. You will need the 2.0 .Net framework. You will also want to run main.exe

Any issues, let me know, or post them to the issue list


paul 2008-03-03 18:01:26

I just downloaded and tested your latest release. I can confirm that the demo plays through – I watched it several times. Poor Cynthia! She casts magic missile but that is sadly not implemented yet…

I’ll have to get on your SVN and have a look to see what you’ve implemented so far.

Simeon 2008-03-03 19:46:55

Well if it doesn’t crash, it should work! Any un-translated code has a throw exception in front of it. But there may be mistakes….

Simeon 2008-03-01 13:05:57

Hello Paul,

Cheers for downloading the port, and giving it a whirl. Grrr I though I had gotten the demo working 99%.

If your keen enough to pull the source down, you’ll see where it crashes. The primary reason will be that the game tried to run some code path that has not been converted to C#, and therefore an exception would be thrown, which form a users perspective equals a crash…

Now that someone has run it, and taken the effort to report a crash, I’ll make the effort to try it.

paul 2008-03-01 09:13:44

This is a great project! When I launch main and play the demo, it crashes shortly after the demo party enters combat (once when cynthia tried to cast magic missile, the other time just after it started, with no apparent cause).