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So on the LA to Auckland flight I watched three movies, and here’s what I thought of them.

Prometheus – I really enjoyed this movie, especially if you don’t think to hard about why any of it is happening. I’d seen the honest. Groan the rolling ship, run sideways, and the rock gap. Stop thinking retrospectively..

Men in Black 3 – Wow this was a really good movie. The plot made real good sense, and behavior/actions of the characters were believable. Heck I even cried about the J/K/father twist. Really enjoyed the future seeing character.

The Dark Knight – I’d avoided this for ages, due to the whole DC/Marvell comics to movies, and having seen a few of the earlier Batman movies, and been less than impressed. But wow, this was a great/dark batman movies. Wow the joker was nuts and so chaotic. I really enjoyed it.

Long Haul Flight: Movie Review

Back in May I flew to New Zealand for a work summit, and I normally track the movies I watch, as there’s not much else to do on the flight. I had written blog posts on the WordPress iPhone App, but not uploaded them to the blog. So here with a four month delay is the movie report in order of enjoyment.

Kung Fu Wing Chun

Kung Fu Wing Chun was a fantastic Kung Fu movie. Lots of great action with ridiculous plot. Lots of cheesy humor also made this a great film.

The Company Men

The Company Men was a great film, really enjoyed the darkness. Working for the man.

Minority Report

I had resisted watching Minority Report due to reports of terrible VR scenes and weak plot. Not sure if it was the poor air on the plane or what ;-) but I quite liked theĀ  plot really. Yes the VR acting/hand waving was obnoxious but I liked the movie none the less.

TRON: Legacy

Now, this was a cheesy film. Very bright suites. Plot was a little weak. Funny to see the ring on the fathers back while they are on the mission to reclaim it.