Windows 7 Failing to Activate

I have been having problems activating my new work laptop. And due to being offsite, and a comedy of errors, the issue wasn’t resolved until today, once it had got the “expired” state.

This copy of Windows is not genuine
You may be a victim of software counterfeiting

The original activation error was 0xC004F074 and the event log was:

The client has sent an activation request to the key management service machine.
0xC0020017, 0x00000000, USO-AM-WDS-00:1688, ec1ed660-a0d5-4670-8fb1-663d1e70ba40, 2011/10/25 18:32, 0, 2, 27420, ae2ee509-1b34-41c0-acb7-6d4650168915, 25

Today my IS people provided a .bat that fixed it, that contained:

@echo off
slmgr.vbs /ckms
slmgr.vbs /ato

This needed to be run as administrator.
Reading the Microsoft help for slmgr.vbs shows the first command reset the Activation registry settings, and the second triggers activation.

We are looking for C++ Developers

Well I didn’t say anything last time we posted C++ developer job roles, but we currently have two openings for C++ developers as permanent Caterpillar employees, so if you have 4+ year experince in C++ and you want to live in the greater Peoria, IL area.

go to

then click on ‘Agree‘ at the bottom

click on the ‘Search for Jobs Now‘ button on the left

scroll down to ‘Job Opening ID:‘ and enter 89466

Job posting closes on the 11:59 pm (CST) on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Learn more about Team Caterpillar

WinCE Remote Debugging: “No process is on the other end of the pipe.”

I have a new WinCE platform to port our project onto, and was getting “No process is on the other end of the pipe” when I would try remote debug the app, after successfully deploying via WinCE development without Active Sync on Win 7 as previously mentioned.

The application would also silently refuse to run when launched from WinCE explorer or the command shell.

I created a new default application, and it remote deployed and ran. So I knew there was something special with my application.

I tweaked lots of things that had zero impact, but in the end adding Wininet.lib and calling InternetOpen caused my test app to also not run. If I included the library as a depenacy but didn’t call InternetOpen the application runs fine, if I call InternetOpen it fails.

I suspect Wininet.dll is not present of the development WinCE 6 OS I have, and therefore the failure to load the .dll is pulling the executable down.

Email sent off to OS team, so I’m back onto a different project…

[Update: A few hours later…] Yip, wininet.dll has been removed.

Could there be a worse development task?

I’m currently upgrading our VB6 reporting application to use Crystal Reports 11.5 SP6 as the current reports don’t display on Windows 7 64bit, and we need one more lap of the current system before it’s refreshed.

The VB code is done, now onto the updating the installer part. Slowly working my way through the dependency files for each .dll to work what files to install where. After that I’ll copy them into the source repository, so it can be built on the build server. Then upgrade the install scripts, and start testing.


  • VB6
  • Crystal Reports
  • Remote development (I’m the US rdp’ing to a NZ server)
  • Nullsoft Scriptable Install System


  • Not using Visual Source Safe

I’ve been putting this task off as long as possible, but the time has come to have it “done” so there’s no where to run…