New swim record

After over eating on Christmas day, and then feeling very bloated on Boxing day, I went for a swim at the local pool and set a new personal record of 3km (in two sets of 1.5km).  I was shocked by how much energy I had, but my tendons were starting to feel pulled at the end.

On the underwater front, I also swam 50m underwater, the week before.  I have done this a few times this year.  I feel kind of bad that I’ve not played underwater hockey this year at all.  I revisited Tony’s underwater hockey blog today and felt the need to pay some respect.

Underwater Hockey Results

2nd in the B grade. Quite pleased with this. The Nelson Sharks beat us in the round-robin and again in the finals. Our team was playing really well in our offensive game, with some superb linking. Unfortunately Nelson’s goalie was a Premier player, and we mortals just couldn’t get past him. Most goals Nelson scored against us were bombs from him. So it was quite frustrating really.

The other frustration was getting sin-binned twice for arm “infringements”. As a left handed player to steal the puck of a right handed player you have to put your arm over there’s, this leads to easy entanglement, of which people are inclined to enact when you’ve just taken the puck off them. So I lost my patients a few times and just moved an entangled person arm “away” from the play, and got called for it.

I’ve got lots of bruises, but I had a lot of fun. Really the team just played really well together, and I felt I was adding value, so had a blast (this is compared to playing Premier/A grade where I mainly “occupy space”)

Underwater Hockey: South Islands on this Saturday

Updated: The schedule changed.

This Saturday (26 May 2007) I’m playing in the South Island Champs. I’m in the B grade team this year. This is a change from playing A grade for the last few years. This is not due to me getting worse, but the number of good players in our club has grown substantially, so now I get to be a big fish is a little pool, verse the little fish in a big pool. Yippie!

The current schedule is

Time White Black Court
10:15am Bravehearts Killer B’s 2
12:45pm B 52’s Killer B’s 2
2:25pm Killer B’s Plan B’s 2
3:15pm Sharks Killer B’s 1
4:30pm Killer B’s Southern Belles 1

So I’m really excited about the competition, the only problem is underwater hockey has to be one of the worse spectator sports around.

Underwater Hockey training

I have been swimming since September. As I get bored with front crawl I have often done underwater lengths to improve my hockey game. I’ve not played any hockey over the uni-holidays (as all the students leave town), so am not sure if my games has improved.

Reading Larry O’Brien’s blog this morning he posted about 365 day challenges, and a possible counter challenge of underwater swimming. He replied to my comment and introduced me to the term dynamic apneaunderwater swimming, I then spent the next while reading sites talking about training.

Reading the Wikipedia Free-diving entry I noticed Underwater Rudy, sounds fun.

My current bests are: 50m no fins, 75m with fins.

Offtopic: Larry’s 15 Exercises to Know A Programming Language looks like good fun too.

Underwater Hockey National Interclubs

Last Friday and Saturday was the New Zealand Interclubs, and we where hosting the event down at QEII. The primary result we can fifth equal in the A grade, out of seven teams. Two team completely beat us PX Just Right and SP8’s the next two teams beat us but the games where very close and the score difference come in lucky breaks. Many time we where in the oppositions goal, and just couldn’t complete the transaction. The last two team we beat

I learnt (via setting up) the scoring computers and TV displays, and spent a lot of time on Saturday on the score desk, as our ranking meant we where not in the semi’s. I also did some water referring, and some chef referee.

The party on Saturday night was a blast, and the clean-up went quickly. 100 pizza’s where ordered from Big Pizza’s, and that many pizza box’s stacked looks huge. Music was provided by Wolfman Entertainment, and he keep the mood buzzing and the dance floor packed.

The bruises haven’t all healed, but they are fading.