Mid Atlantic

Written on the 11th, in the middle of Flight NZ6 enroute to Montreal.

It’s 3:06am NST and I have “slept” for as long as I’m likely on this flight. I was comfortable, but I’d get leg twitches from the planes movement, and it would jolt me. Maybe next time drugs might be good.

My inmates on this flight are Roger (left) and Bec (right). I talked to Roger for a bit at the beginning of the flight, but things have been in “sleep” mode for a while.

Channel 6 of the Air New Zealand radio, is “The Blue Room” and it’s playing a great mix of disco, funk and house. This is partly why I’ve started the lappy up, because to use my in seat screen turns the music off, and it’s just too funky.

I’m on a Boeing 747-400. It sure carries a lot of people. Matt is somewhere near the front. He sweet talked the check-in lady (a fellow British) and he got a emergency exit seat with extra leg room. I don’t want extra leg room, it’s my elbows and shoulders that are out of space.

Talking of Roger, he was a former Cat employee, small world. He came to NZ to do a motor bike tour. Got a bunch of bad weather, so had to ride in wet leathers, not the nicest way to spend a trip.

Don’t know a thing about Bec, other than she is gluten intolerant. I saw the hostesses bring out the special meals first, and noticed her put the food tray down. Thought she’s keen, but I didn’t dawn on me she maybe one of the early feeders.

What would be cool is to have some form of in flight network, where the current playing music is displayed. Then I would have an idea what to look out for. What with iTunes now been in NZ and me also now having a CC.

hmm. Cant thinking of much more to write about, other than the 3 fl. oz. rules are stupid. I sort of raised my “it’s going to far” thought to Roger but he went quite, so I dropped it quick. Didn’t need my seat buddy pissed with me after the first 30 minutes, of a 12 hour trip.

4:02am Oh dear, the music is just a loop. My eyes are tired, I agree the Liquid People – Son of Dragon is a great song. I’m just not going to stick around to hear the name of the also really good song just before it,….

First Business Trip: Montreal, Canada

Next Monday I’m off with co-worker Matt, to Montreal (45°30’17.95″N, 73°34’8.40″W) to discuss some shared development opportunities, with one of our half brother companies. We are looking to upgrade some of our back-end tools, that do the same stuff as their back-end, and upper management would like to reduce double work. So off we go to learn how/where/what they do, and see if the common ground is closer than the gap of incompatibility. There is lots to learn from them even if we re-rolling our own, so I’m keen to see what they have.

So other than the business/technical side of it. I’m excited, as I have only left New Zealand once before to play sports. That was only to Australia, which feels to close to call international travel. Sure they love to treat us like the annoying little brother, and we like to try beat them at every step. But they still feel like family.

One thing that took me a few minutes to name when inspecting the itinerary was, the air time of the return trip was 2 hours longer. It then took a few more minutes for the why to click. Spinning earth, relativity. Not something I would have thought of as a factor, until there was a difference that needed an answering.

Current Montreal weather: -2°C Overcast. Light snow. I wonder if I’ll be be able to wear shorts and t-shirt inside?

Pity I’ll not be doing any snow activities. Or site seeing or anything of the likes. A co-worker was noting that a around the world ticket might be cheaper than a straight return trip (it was 20% cheaper for one of his US trips). If I had Mic & Co with me, that would be cool, or if my brother & sister had not returned from London seeing them over there would be also be cool. But alas.

Wanaka has a great park.

Just before we left Wanaka the other weekend, we playing the playground/park on the lakes edge, and it has the best collection of equipment. There were 4 pieces designed to spin. I played on the one Mahalia is sitting in, and due to the slope of the axis, it was really easy to get going really fast. I was very sick feeling once I got off. One of the best spinners, I didn’t have a good photo of, but it was a seat (looked like a child sized egg cup), it also had a slopped axis so you it could be pumped (in the swing sense) by rocking the upper body (oh I’m not explaining well, but the kids loved it)

Jacob is on the single person rocker, and he was throwing it around, and Mahalia is surfing on the best see-saw I ever been on. Jacob and I were on it and our weight difference was corrected by the good springs, this allowed us a great see-saw war, without me doing all the work.

They had lots of climbing bits, and I thought it must have been a really well funded play ground, as I’ve seen parts of the same equipment before, but never so much in one place.

Wanaka Park - JacobWanaka Park - MahaliaWanaka Park - MahaliaWanaka Park, Slide