What’s Simeon been up to?

Well thanks for asking. But only because you asked, I’ll give you the short answer, because trust me, I know your busy, and I really appreciate you dropping by.

So we flew from New Zealand to Peoria, Illinois, USA, landed in some of the colder weather they have had. Not the coldest, but an aeroplane did slide off the end of the runway and go into the ditch on the morning of our arrival. Our bags also were “delayed’

Our temporary housing is in a not so nice B grade apartment complex, we can hear the people above’s every move, even their talking at times, but not what they are saying. Also noted on that, was that from the hallway you can hear everything that anybody on the floor is saying. Interesting experience there.

We looked at a few houses, not many to rent in the area’s we wanted to live. There are quite a few houses for sale, but we are not ready to commit that much to this location (yet). So we are renting a house bigger than we need, but it’s nice, and a nice area with a nice school.

The kids started school on Thursday last week, which was as good for them as Michaela. There was a little bit of cabin fever going on.

We have been shopping for lots of house hold things, spending large amounts in shops to find specials on the next day or two. Slightly maddening, and yes some places will retrospectively give discounts, but not all. Really it’s just annoying to be spending so much money in a short time period, and knowing you can’t get the best time to buy discounts…

Which bring us to the Social Security Number, which we needed to wait before applying, which means three weeks into the adventure we/I don’t have it yet, but nearly everything needs/wants it. Which means important things have to wait. So frustrating.

Oh, and things are beyond crazy busy at work.. and there is so much US HR paperwork to compete, and it’s all made harder by the fact I’m not stationed at a Trimble location.

It can only get better.

Things will change

Things are due for some major change, as I got my L1 work visa for the United States today. My family also got their L2 visa’s so now we can transfer to the US office and begin our adventure there.

This also explains why things have been quiet around here for the last few months as I have been busy doing the paperwork involved with the application, and getting things ready around home.

Lots of DIY to complete before we leave, which should be around January next year (2010).

I’m very excited, for both myself and my family, this will be a big change for us all, but should be very rewarding/mind expanding.

Update from the United States

Well I have not posted for a while, and that has mostly been because I have been getting ready for, traveling, or just being in the States.

So far I have had a grill (NZ BBQ) in Livermore (San Francisco), CA

Visited a mine site (but not gone out into the actual Mine) in Gillette, WY

Visited Caterpillar’s massive proving grounds in Peoria, IL

Gotten bored in Las Vegas, NV (where I currently am)

After a couple of Hotels with free Wifi/Internet, free breakfast and free local calls, Las Vegas is to be a huge disappointment of what it deliveries and a huge just pay more at each step.

However, MinExpo 2008 is fantastic, and I’ll take my camera tomorrow and capture many great big machines close-up.

Seven Years!

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary. How time flies when you’re having fun. Others things over this period I can recall as taking their time and been painful, but being married to Michaela has never been one of those.

We stayed just out of Akaroa at Onuku Farm Hostel in one of their Stargazers wooden tents. These things are very cool. A wooden A-frame with glass above your head. So you get to gaze at the stars. It was partially overcast when we went to sleep, but I awoke in the night to one of the best views ever. Best of all, I was warm in bed. Combo!

I saw three shooting stars, zero satellites and a “new” star constellation! I swear it was a perfect dog shape. It was hard to go too sleep, when I felt I should keep looking, because I could and it was so pretty.

Flight home starts delayed.

The first leg home, Canada to Chicago is delayed 1h 40m, so we have missed your first connection. Lets see if we still make the L.A. – Auckland flight…..

After getting to Chicago, it turns out we had 10 minutes to make our Chicago – LA flight. So after sprinting across O-Hare airport, it turned out that that flight, was our original flight, but it was also delayed.

We then made it to L.A. with enough time to eat dinner and relax. The L.A. flight (NZ1) was delayed. The US now have this really good idea that all people in transit via the US should be checked through customers (thus get eye scanned and finger scanned) so they can then checkout of customs, to get back on the plane. This took over an hour, so delayed our departure.

We made it home to our connecting Auckland -> Christchurch flight also.

So we are back now. Now to catch up on sleep…