Lego Model: Robot01

Here’s the robot that I made the other day. Small and simple (and fragile) but I thought it covered the classic droid basics nicely.

Once you start to learn the UI for LDraw it’s not that bad. My only grip at this point is how to rotate the 3D around the center of the current view (3D Studio MAX style). The publishing tools might take a while to get use to, but here a shot plus the bit list.

Robot01Robot01 - BOM (bill of materials)


I have been on the look out for a tool to capture some of the designs Jacob has been creating with his Lego for a while now. Today on Digg there was a link about Lego CAD software pointing to this tool set. I’ve downloaded it, and plan to setup it tonight. I’ll see how easy it is to use, then show Jacob. I think he’ll really like me been able to record his ideas.

While reading that site I saw a Google Add for Box4Block for storing Lego. My neighbour used to have a really cool four layered box that had variable sized holes (at the bottom of the upper layers) so the little bits drop to the bottom. I thought I’d see how this compared. It’s the same Product. The company has expanded its operations. Now they are manufacturing out of the USA, so they don’t have a New Zealand sales presence any more. Stink. The site could do with a face lift.