New Transformers are Crazy Hard

When I was ten, Transformers where not that hard to transform.

Meet modern Bumblebee,

This transformer was crazy hard to transform, in the couple of days I was visting with the 4 year old owner, the head “popped off” multiple times, and I couldn’t get it back on without feeling I was going to break the toy. Lucky said child’s mother had the magic touch.

But transforming challenge aside, it was a pretty cool model/toy. Just not like the Starscream or Optimus Prime of my days gone by….

Lightroom 3 trial over

Groan, my 30 day trial of Lightroom 3 is over. The big problem is that I really like it, so I was really gutted that the other day when Newegg had it for $120 and I couldn’t buy it from them. I could see it as in-stock and add to cart, but when you continued to checkout it was removed from the cart. ARGGG!

So now best deal on Amazon is $200. There are couple ‘0 customers’ shops selling it for $150, but those sound a bit dodgy.

Also not sure how well the work flow will work for Michaela, and then there’s the importing the last n-years of iPhoto so it’s all in the same place.

I was thinking about using Aperture, especially as its priced so well. But I also really enjoyed the lens correction feature of Lightroom, twisting pictures to look ‘correct’ is really neat.

Amazon Shipping

I have learned some hard lessons from ordering expensive (to me) items from Amazon.

In the past I’d buy something from Amazon that I’d needed, but not really wanted right now and used the Super Saver shipping, and then always felt surprised when it arrived earlier than I had expected and/or they estimated.

This time my weeks and weeks of planning and reading reviews meant I knew what I wanted, Amazon had all the parts in stock, and at good prices, thus I was quite excited. So again I ordered the first lot with Super Saver shipping, and then proceeded to review the shipping process details 3+ times a day, and this slowed the internet down, and thus I’m getting results like this:

This first item arrived last Thursday June 16, but was ordered on the same day the following items:

These will not arrive until tomorrow (Tuesday June 21), and

did arrive on Saturday June 18th.

The first of the two being the key thing I was wanting… so having learned my lesson, that the free shipping was not that free – the cost of faster shipping is not that much more especially relative to ticket price and I could have had it earlier.

There were some other items that I was wanting, so I ordered them. I noticed one of these items got put in the larger shipping bundle of the first order (that hadn’t shipped at that point of time), but again the key item of this new order was delayed.

So inspired by paying more to get it earlier, I changed the shipping to normal shipping (3-5 business days vs. free shipping 5-8 business days) and then split the items for faster shipping to avoid the key item waiting for the non-key item and I’m now greeted with:

The non-key item that originally appeared to be delaying things has shipped and the key item

Has not even left Amazon (they show it in stock) and it’s estimated to get to me tomorrow. This I’d like to see, given that every other package has taken 3 1/2 days to get to me, after it leaves Amazon.

I’m quite grumpy that when I changed to paying for shipping the delivery dates changed from ’30 June – 16 July’ to June 23.

The real kicker is I have ignored the free 1-month Prime two days shipping trial for so long, I didn’t think to use it and I could have gotten the-lot much quicker. Arg, or just paid <$50 on the important stuff and got that sooner.

Maybe it’s just better to buy from local shops, because if they have it, they have it. Where-as Amazon, wait a week before we even startis shipping model, makes me grumpy. Or maybe this is just the first time I’ve really cared, and thus watched the process and am sensitive to the ‘normal’ process. Or I’ve just never ordered 9 things in the same week, and thus seen the chaos.

Anyway, my key purchase is due for delivery tomorrow, and I’m quite excited.

[Update: 21 June] Shipping got a little messed up today, but Michaela rang local US Postal Service office, and they found the package, and did a special delivery. The only reason I’m updating the blog right now, and not playing is I’ve lost possession of my new toy, or I’m a good preschooler and sharing toys.

Willow Hill Rocketry Group – 27th Mar

Today was the first launch day for the Willow Hill Rocketry Group since October’s launch.

It was a cold day, with much standing besides the bigger cars to avoid the wind.

Jacob and I had our maiden launches of our rockets, and we where the second and third lunches of the day.

We both had A8-3 motors. Jacob’s Wizard got some good height, but my Patriot was too heavy for that size motor. I did get closest landing to the orange create (in background) and thus win a prize.

There were 25 launches today, one miss-start, and one in-air engine failure (fire out both ends of rocket).

I fired my Patriot Rocket two more times, with B6-4 motor’s and the flights were better the the A8-3 flight that barely went 10 meters into the air.

The rocket on the far right was the one that had the engine failure mid air.

Not many pictures due to camera failure, will post video, if I find any non-damaged ones.