Fixed annoying RSS Bandit Formatter Stylesheet issue.

I have my own style-sheet based on the ‘outlook2003-orange’ style-sheet. But I have the Read/Unread flag at the top and bottom of each post, so once I’ve got to the bottom I can make the post read.

So it look like:

But for ages, I have had a problem when I click the envelope, that the pictures change, but the entry status doesn’t. So today I decided to track it down. The image is changed via an onclick JavaScript event, and the status is changed via a <map><area> event.

After click at the edges of the picture, when the mouse cursor was still the arrow, not the hand, I noticed the picture still changed, but the status didn’t. As soon as the cursor changed to a hand, the status would also change.

*click*, the cursor was the changed by the <area>. So now I changed the coords element from coords=”1,1,12,12″ to coords=”0,0,16,16″, it never misfires.

I understand the original mapping was true to the icon displayed, but it wasn’t the complete surface of the image displayed. So when reading you look to see if the image would change, then move on. Only later to discover some entries where marked unread. Problem solved.

Only problem left to solve is why on some blogs, does <map><area> events not work, even when the mouse is in the middle of the page.

New Beta RSS Bandit

I’m have upgraded to the Beta 2 of RSS Bandit 1.5 (Jubilee) and I’m finding it much better. I like the new icons on the feedlist. The UI feels snappier, even though I know they have on changed the UI toolkit.

My display formatter still works, and with the improved handling of Window Live blogs, I looking forward to less feed errors.

Great work RSS Bandit team…. Dare has the list of changes.