Howl’s Moving Castle

Today I took Mahalia to see this movie, and having loved the book as a child, and just finished reading it to her last week. Honestly I was disappointed by this film.

The visual quality was great (except for Calcifer looked draw by a five year old) but the plot must have been lost in translation.

It wasn’t like the major gist of the book was kept, it was more akin to the 1996 remake of Remeo and Juliet, maybe with the some of the cast swapping roles to spice it up more. I’m just not sure what to complain about first. Compared to Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy where you just know it had to be heavily abridged, thus some rewriting in the middle was required, and a happy ending slapped on the end, but here… oh I’m still lost for words.

I guess what I trying to say is the movie was good, but not faithful to the book, and the book is an enchanting story. So if you go see the film, please also read the book, or just read the book.

Napoleon Dynamite

Man odd. For most of the movie I was wondering what the point was. And that’s still how I felt at the end. Most of the time I keep expecting plot development along the standard lines, and each time the movie just kept on plodding on the course already set. If the video didn’t need to be returned today, I’d watch again with the directors comments just to see if they get serious or keep up the off beat humour.

On the watch it again scale, I’d go there…

Lethal Weapon 4

About six months ago at my leaving ATR drinks me and Martin had a long talk. We talked about lots of things, but something I said was useful (not sure which bit) and he said it was just like Leo and the frog story from Lethal Weapon 4. So he asked me to which the movie so I could understand what he meant.

Well I watched it last night. Man it was more violent than I remember the earlier ones been. That or I just haven’t seen them for a long time. Anyway it got to the frog story, and I now get what you meant Martin.

I would point out that I think Leo knew what the value of his story, otherwise it wouldn’t of had the desired effect, and if he didn’t know the value, why would he have told that story. Where as I as just trying to offer my perspective, and used lots of stories, so I’m not sure of the useful one.