Pirates of the Caribbean

I quite enjoyed this movie. While been limited to poor headphones and small in-seat screen, I found the movie engaging. I must admit I lost track of the plot just at the end, so wasn’t sure why the ending was “dramatic”.

The CG was good. The girl (what ever her name is) seemed to find some cleavage from the prop department, but not enough, that it didn’t look like it was taped at the edge of her dress. Shrug.

All-in-all a golly pirate romp movie.

Siones Wedding

Michaela and I went to see Siones Wedding last night. I had no expectations at all (didn’t actually know anything about it) and found very funny. It was a great Samoan comedy. So my advise it go, expect nothing, and giggle and laugh you head off.

March of the Penguin

Michaela and I went to see March of the Penguin on Tuesday night. It was a very beautiful movie. I’m really glad I saw on the big screen.

The pan shoots of 1000’s of emperor penguins waking in single file was amazing. The complexity of the birthing process, and the dedication both partners have to raising the pup (not sure that’s the correct word for baby penguin). The complexity of survival and thinking about how it would have evolved left we with a feeling of owe, for how simple most animals life cycle is.

I found Morgan Freeman’s voice as the narrator, very relaxing and fitting to the movie.

Since Otar Left

One of the joys of have parent in-laws is been passed art-house films that we would have otherwise never watch.

Since Otar Left was a wonderful movie. With a major plot line of not upsetting the grandmother when her beloved son dies over seas, it then rides the after effects of this decision.

Set in the city of Tbilisi, which was in post-Soviet ruin. This made for a bleak back drop, on life and future prospects.

[Slight Plot discussion]

I saw the ending coming, not from a stance of obviousness, but more of both paths had equal cost in failure, but only had any real chance for gain. So it was with sadness and hope that the movie ends.

What I found the most beautiful was the grandmothers handling of the ‘I know you have been hiding his death from me’ bit.