IEEE good at high tech, bad at simple security

Crazy story of the day, yesterday I got a letter in the mail from IEEE stating that my Credit Card information used to pay for attending the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference in December has been illegally accessed by a third party.

They don’t know if my information was accessed but I’ve canceled the card to be safe.

Question: What was IEEE holding on to the CC information for, isn’t it security 101, don’t hold the info if you don’t need it?

There were paper’s on securing car networks, and protecting against people tracking vehicles, but that not the real concern it’s the IEEE’s inability to handle payments that will end the world.

Interface Builder does not save Xib file on Build

After 30-50 minutes of rage and starting the project over, I learned the hard way that just because Interface Builder is part of the Xcode suite, it has no clue when Xcode is building. Thus does not save the .xib file, and thus why I had no UI widgets turning up in the simulator.

I watched a demo video so many times over and over, checking every step is done, and it’s the one he does with the keyboard short-cut, and doesn’t mention, saving. ARGGGG!

Bad Weather = Cancelled Flights

Due to Blizzard Warnings, wild winds and snow all United flights out of Peoria today are cancelled.

Argg this is exactly what I didn’t want to happen on the return trip flights. I’m rescheduled for flights tomorrow but am hoping to getting earlier flights, otherwise all of Monday will be lost.

Orbitz for Business has the worst hold “music”, I hesitate to call it hold music, as it’s just silence, with every 20 seconds a computerised voice telling you that your still on hold, and thanking you for holding, and asking you remain on the line, and that Orbitz values my customer ship, and lots more brown noising noises. Just play some tacky music, and stop talking, or hire more phone call workers.

Anyway, no earlier flights so I’m just missing the first of three days…

Well at least that saves one day of small talk about the weather, etc. ;-)

New Zealand work trip: A rough start so far

I’ve had a very odd start to my two week work trip. Depending how far back you review I’ve:

  • Made the rest of my family grumpy because I’m getting to return to NZ before them, and they are the ones wanting to return
  • Booked my tickets through the work Orbitz account, which by itself was not bad, I choice the lowest cost flights*, but:
    • I had US internal flights using American Airlines, thus I will not get any Air New Zealand Air Dollars (like miles), and could only ticket to L.A in Peoria,  then in L.A. ticket the last legs, it’s always nicer to ticket in the quieter airports
    • I flew to L.A. from Peoria via Chicago which is 1 + 4 hours of flying verse 2 + 2 via Denver
    • I was travelling to New Zealand via L.A. I have decided I prefer San Francisco, which is luckily my return route
    • I booked the international leg tickets under the United Airlines code-share (it’s Air NZ flight), thus could not use my free Air NZ class upgrade to travel premium economy (which looks so much nicer) and I’m not sure I’ll get the same value of Air Dollars (edit: same value earned)
    • I travelled to Christchurch from Auckland via an domestic flight NZ501 instead of the international NZ303. The later is way simpler and I had to re-ticket again in Auckland for some odd reason
  • But all those issues aside, I’m here
  • The travel was made hectic by finding out just after landing in Chicago that there had been an earthquake in Christchurch. Making contact with family in NZ and US used all my spare time between flights
    • This was due to Michaela and I only having cell phones in the US. Mine is a work phone so has a toll bar, and Michaela’s is a new Verizon account and therefore she is not allowed to make tolls calls on it for the first year. WTF! we already had to pay $400USD bond for the first year to open the account
  • Now I’m here in Christchurch there are water/sewer problems, thus staying at my mother’s was not going to work, but luckily my brothers farm is self contained or just well stocked, so I am going to stay the night out there. Really weird seeing all the old brick buildings with toppled walls

So lots of lessons to learn for the next time I book tickets for a trip. Next time I’ll check the price differences of some of these options…

* actually I could have travelled via Australia to get to Christchurch, but that would have made four more hours of air travel, just for $150 USD return.

2009 a Year in Review

The year the Foo Fighters released a Tom Petty quality song (Wheels).

James Cameron released a very hyped computer generated ‘blue version’ of Dances with Wolves.

People continued to claim RSS/Blogging was dead, and Twitter was the new king. With all of the wonder of limited capacity but with an instant and continuous stream of dribble. Proving tech people are no better than the CNN watching masses. And we wonder why the newspapers are dying…

And the year I spent weeks filling in US governmental forms that were unnecessarily complex. Texts fields to small for  requested information, pdf forms that don’t allow you to save, and helpful blobs of text wasting form space, but telling you how much time it should take to fill the form out, which due to the previous problems means you have to do it in one sitting, thus have all your answers pre-found, thus you do the form twice to find the things you didn’t know. Making a mockery of the stupid Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980. It’s not like when you did things by hand with a pen, you couldn’t just put the pen down (save) and resume later…

Roll on 2010.