House Update

Saturday was spent working on the house again.  The end result was 1.4 m wall section replaced (foundation board and wall base board) and three joists in place (plus a 4″x 2″ at the end of these).

All this can been seen in this photo:

Photo of floor - with more joists

The wall being on the top-left and the extra board being on the bottom-right, with the three joists being those in the middle of the picture.

Work left is:

  • two joists at the bottom-left on picture
  • the missing joist from the top-right of picture
  • 1.3 m of wall
  • an internal wall joist (saving the easy parts till last)

Then a floor can go down, but before that, a PVC layer will be rolled out and sealed with vast amounts of tape. Roll on the weekend. or was that the weak-end to this post….

Home Building update

Following on from the Labour Day Laboring post,

Harvey and I have:

  • Pulled all the skirting board off
  • Found that the bottom of the wall framing (sits on joists) was rotten on the south and west (box window) wall
  • pulled of the weather board on the box window to find it was mostly rotten also
  • replaced all damaged wall base beams on west wall
    West wall base beams
  • replaced the framing of the box window
    Box Window framing replaced
  • put the floor joist that ran along west wall in place, thus the reason for fixing the above west wall while access was there
  • removed all weatherboards on the west wall
  • replaced one west wall stud that was damaged
  • called in a builder to replace the structural corner studs that are damaged/rotten

Would be interested to know if there is a name for the bottom of wall framing board, and the name of the board that sits on the foundation.

Labour Day Weekend Laboring

I decided to spend the Labour Day long weekend to investigate the 1cm gap between the floor and wall that had appeared in our bedroom.  With Harvey’s help we had a plan that this could be done over the Sunday and Monday, which coincided with his days off.

After removing the lament floor, the padding/insulating layer, and smoothing 3mm MDF layer, we found the problem. The floor was rotten. So we removed it.

Giving us this unwanted stuff:

Floor boards junk

And a nice spacious area to relax in:

Floor boards gone

After four hours was wasted traveling to all Christchurch’s hardware shops in search of imperial sized beams, we found them at the last place we looked (and could think of looking at). Two days later we have got the two beams replaced, and two joists in place. Thus giving the room this look.

New beams and two jousts in place

Work was slowed, by finding the bottom wall beams were also partially rotten so they needed replacing before inserting of the joists. So it has turned into a very slow project. Luckily our bed fits in the alcove of the dinning room nicely.

Wooden Bookshelf

For my Queens Birthday weekend, I spent the public holiday building a wooden bookshelf for Jacob. Software developers like to compare building software to different things, like building bridges or houses, but building a bookshelf really felt like a small software project to me.

I had a customer (wife) how had a vision, “build a bookshelf” and I had a time frame “now”. I spent a few days getting the needs the bookshelf was solving, the maximum space constraints and the general aesthetics of the desired result.

Michaela went past a hardware shop to spec wood, and I designed the result to get the lengths of wood required. Which were then purchased. I then wrote a wood cutting plan, so I knew how to cut the 2.4 meter lengths to get the correct parts.

So then came build day Monday, 3 hours of mitre box cutting and jig sawing, the build could begin.

All along the way small refinements to the design were made. With the customer representative present quick decision were made.

Bookshelf in progress

Just in time for the children’s bedtime, the project was complete.

Bookshelf Complete

Jacob’s Castle

For the last three weeks I have been building a castle for Jacob’s birthday (Friday 30 June).

It turned out a treat. Features of the castle are:

  • Two towers
  • Battlement
  • Draw bridge (with real chain for bridge closing action)

I’ve attached some pictures of it been built.

Castle parts, finished cuttingFirst photo is after cutting the wood with a cross cut saw, then jig sawing the battlement gaps out. This took one morning and two evening’s to-do.

Castle after cutting out, but before screwing togetherSecond picture is on the cut-out part from step one standing together, held with rubber bands.

Castle close-up on the battlementCastle from behindThird and Fourth pictures are of the gateway cut out, and the edges & battlement sanded. This took two more evenings’ to-do, but the finish, made the castle look and feel much nicer. Even with it being raw MDF.

Castle from front

Fifth pictures are after the castle has been screwed together and the drawbridge chain has been added. This took two evenings also. Three drills would have speed it up over two as changing the screw driver bit for the counter sink bit wasted time.

Castle FinishedThe last photo is the completed castle is Jacob’s rooms. Michaela did three sessions of painting. A sealant was used on all the cut edges of the MDF, a white primer, putty filling of the screw holes and lastly the colour coat. I then painted the darker grey brick work.

Once all the new Lego had been built, the castle has been enjoyed thoroughly.