House Update – All big stuff done!

We have now finished all the big stuff

  • The bay window has new weather boards
    Bay window with new weather boards
  • The room as a new chipboard floor surface
    Room with new chipboard floor surface

And some small things

  • Replaced the larger plaster board. It was damaged when replacing the stud it was attached to.
    Wall with new plaster board in place
  • Replaced the small plaster board pieces that are behind the skirting board
  • Michaela has done the first coat of plastering over all those edges

Stuff to go

  • Finish the plastering
  • Put all skirting boards type stuff back
  • Undercoat/topcoat inside
  • Undercoat/topcoat outside
  • Put concrete board that is part of the eves over the bay window

House Update – Wall Studs replaced

Over the two weekends of the Christmas break, Harvey and I worked on the house.  Doing one side of the bay window each weekend

We replaced twice:

  • the double 4″x 2″ corner stud
  • the 4″x2″ middle stud
  • the 4″x3″ window stud, which holds the lintel
    Wall studs replaced
  • replaced the 2″x 2″ and 2″x 5″ corner plates (not sure correct term)
  • replaced the weatherboards
    Wall cladding replaced

Tasks left:

  • weatherboard the bay window
  • lay floor in the room
  • plus small tasks

We are estimating three more days, then we will be done! Oh my god, I’m getting so sick of the time sink of this project, but we’re on the back straight, and we’ve come so far.

House Update – Under Floor Complete

Well the under floor part of the great house DIY of ’07 is done.

In the process we have:

  • moved 2,500 kg’s of dirt and rubble from under the house
  • laid 100m2 of polythene ground sheeting
  • used 180m of tape
  • got a lot of sore muscles from crawling around in 30cm’s of space for days on end

But the floor looks good

Polythene Ground Sheeting - All done picture 1
Polythene Ground Sheeting - All done picture 2

Now on with:

  • laying the floor back down
  • replacing some wall studs
  • putting weatherboards back on outside of house

and it will be done!

House Update – Joists all done

Harvey and I got the last sole plate, foundation board, and joists in place yesterday (Canterbury’s A&P Show Day).

All joists replaced

The room has a very close to finished feeling. We then started inspecting the rest of the house, to check for further work required in the near term. And there is some, but only a little. The other task we started and will continue tomorrow is clearing the rubble from under the house and lowering the dirt level so we can lay a polythene ground sheeting.

So while the room that started it all is nearing completion, there are new tasks spawned that need doing before the floor can go back down…