Seven Years!

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary. How time flies when you’re having fun. Others things over this period I can recall as taking their time and been painful, but being married to Michaela has never been one of those.

We stayed just out of Akaroa at Onuku Farm Hostel in one of their Stargazers wooden tents. These things are very cool. A wooden A-frame with glass above your head. So you get to gaze at the stars. It was partially overcast when we went to sleep, but I awoke in the night to one of the best views ever. Best of all, I was warm in bed. Combo!

I saw three shooting stars, zero satellites and a “new” star constellation! I swear it was a perfect dog shape. It was hard to go too sleep, when I felt I should keep looking, because I could and it was so pretty.

Sixth Wedding Anniversary

It’s It was Michaela and my sixth anniversary tomorrow yesterday. The sixth anniversary present is Iron, Candy or Wood depending where you look. So last week I went to a local shop that does iron work called Ironic Art, and looked through their catalogue (available online also). They have a huge collection of really impressive table/chair type stuff. But that was not what I was after. Talking to the guys, one showed me a partial flower that he had. So I ordered a pair of roses, made from Iron. They included a stand, in the price.

I was really impressed with the roses and Michaela really liked them also.

The roses can be seen here:
Cast Iron Roses

If you want Iron work I’d really recommend Ironic Art.

I’m now an uncle.

Paul and Elizabeth have now made me an uncle. I spent some time this morning hanging out with them and Jasmin. So here’s a picture of me and the little one.

I now get to enjoy the small child, and when ever it gets upset, hand it back with a flippant comment like “its rubber band is broken”

Jasmin Pilgrim