Boot Camp Puzzle released

Peter announced the Boot Camp puzzle Dave and I worked on. The main prize is a Microsoft Zune, I wonder what colour it is?

I can’t compete of course, but I have started a mine’s faster than yours thread on the mailing list, in the hope of spurring on some innovative data structures usage.

My solution is currently running at 610ms (wall clock) to build the data tree, and then search it. There are few more new‘s that can be removed, but I’m not sure of the trade-off between speed and ugly code. I guess I’ll just have to find out.

CODE CAMP BootCamp 2007 – hosted in Christchurch, New Zealand – GET YOUR SELF ALONG!!!!!


A Code Camp for the mainland! 

 1: private string Message = "Welcome";
 2: private string Register = ", please register today!";
 3: private string Name = "Guest"; 
 5: Console.WriteLine(String.Format("{0} {1} {2}", Message, Name, Register);


Trimble Navigation, 11 Birmingham Drive, Addington, Christchurch. Map Here  ( that is where I work )


Speakers are confirmed and sessions are close to finalised. View speaker details here.


You can view a list of sessions here

Most sessions at Boot Camp are 55 minutes in duration and will be held in one room. If we have enough speakers and topics then we have space for a 2nd stream – this is looking very much a possibility…..

The following is a tentative list of topics we would like to see covered. Once we have a final list of speakers we will be able to narrow this down a little.

  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • C# 3, VB 9, Dynamic Runtime & Languages
  • ASP.Net, ASP.Net Futures, SilverLight
  • LINQ, ADO Entities
  • Windows Server 2008, IIS 7 ( I will be me presenting this session ), SQL 2008
  • Architecture, Methodolgies, Patterns & Practices

If you are in Christchurch the weekend of November 3rd & 4th ( if not then why not! ) then drop in and participate ( this is a free event put on by the Christchurch .NET Users Group and a number of volunteers )

Please REGISTER your interest now – we need to have at least 130-150 people – just a hint – there are free prizes that you do not want to miss on the days.

We are talking products that can cost $1000s of dollars – and USD $ as well not that it means as much as it use to but these are YOURS to KEEP if you are the lucky winners…..


Registration NOW OPEN! Please complete the form below. We will email more details of Boot Camp as they come to hand.

As Boot Camp is a free event and our funding is limited, we ask that you only register if you are sure you are coming. If you do change your mind later and have to cancel, that’s fine too, but please let us know via email to

Contact Details: If you have any questions, suggestions or want to offer sponsorship, please contact us at

WE WANT YOU – Register at

Stolen 100% from Chris Crowe

It’s All About Silverlight

Today’s .Net User Group meeting was “It’s All About Silverlight” was presented by Kelly Cliffe. It was all about Silverlight, and although Kelly mentioned it was his first public speaking since high school he gave a good talk.

The talk was 101 with meat, so maybe a 201 level with some stories from the battle field (~301 level tit bits).

At the end there were Mix 07 DVDs being handed out and I got Discs 1, 3, 7. So fueled up with Silverlight Cool-Aid I headed home to installed Orcas Beta 1 on my PC. The only thing missing from the DVD set was the “Microsoft Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio codename “Orcas” Beta 1” and once that was all installed it just worked!

I had previously download a Digger(Boulderdash) Silverlight example that I found on Lutz Roeder’s site. It was a VS2005 project so I had fun coping it into a Orcas project and getting it working. Was quite useful seeing how the parts of the namespace/project/output names are used in the xaml etc (ie this was where my pain points were).  Of note is that my version only runs in IE yet Lutz’s current Digger runs fine in FireFox.

So now I have some working code, I need to think what I want to build. I’m not sure but it’s a heck of a lot more accessible than Flash has appeared to be. That might be the tipping point.