The Wrong Kind of Paranoia

James has a new post called in which he wonders if lots of the idioms like const, and static or sealed classes are them to allow developers to protect themselves from themselves. I would have commented on his blog, but he doesn’t like comments, which is a completely sane stance to have, heck the only comments I get here are spam.

So I had always thought those idioms where there to allow complier optimizations because there was extra information that was not tracked on older compilers, or to make the code cleaner.

const variables are to a avoid macro’s “true evil” and to keep the type information.
static allowed to keep the symbol table size down
sealed allowed real optimization, as functions will never to replaced.

And these were needed, so the new language could perform “better” at some key benchmark used to once again prove that poor “real world” problems in assembly, C are faster than in new language X. Thus all problems should use C/asm.

Goodbye Google Code, Hello GitHub

Well with the news Google is closing down Google Code, I’ve moved the two project I am responsible for to GitHub.

so is now at

and is now at

I’ve swapped over to the git tools, which I dislike compared to the hg tools, but I couldn’t get hg-git to play nice with github, so have moved on.