Looking for D3200 Alpha Testers

I just released v1.13 of the online patch tool today, and it has the time limit removed for D3200 movie recording, but…. it’s not been tested, as none of the core developers have a D3200.

So we need a brave soul to test it for us. If keen come on over to the forum and let us know so we don’t have 100 people all trying it at once. ;-)

Bitcoin Pain

With the Bitcoin network chain problem requiring a full re-download of the chain, this meant that my 150GB network limit was used up in 24 days, because of 85GB of upstream Bitcoin traffic.┬áSo for now I’ve stopped my client.

As I opted for reduced network speed verse overage fees, the family is making do with 64bps, which is dial-up internet really. Strangely enough mobile devices are less effected due to light weight apps, but computer based web surfing is almost out of the question.