Pages ’09 Text Box in Footer/Header flow problem

Today I was helping Michaela with formatting her assignment and she had left and right justified text in her header.

Left and Right justification done with spaces

On some pages the right justified text was not correctly aligning on the right edge, so I inserted a Text Box into the header, made it’s alignment right with text flow, and then made the text in the Text Box right justified. The numbers are the ‘Page Number’ and ‘Page Count’ Auto Text

And this looked good until I looked down in the double digits pages, were you see:

It you copy the Text Box into the page body it does not have this problem. If you copy’n’paste the Text Box over it’s self it correctly draws, but if you change any text alignment settings, or save/load the document that ‘flow’ error returns.

Top Left Text box has been Pasted into, thus looks fixed.

The problem only occurs for the Text Box text in the header/footer, not the same text values placed into the header/footer normally.

I think the problem occurs, because the Text Box is only flowed for the first Header as the later text all uses the space for the first ‘Page Number’ value which is a ‘1’. If you put a section break on a page, then on the next page, turn off the ‘use previous headers & footers’ option, but have the same formatting the Page Number (21 for my example) is correctly spaced:

Why so many posts in one day?

Because my laptop has been running Backup this morning (~4 hours), and while that happens my laptop is like this:

Backup fished at red arrow

Compiling code, or the likes what the system go 100% for minutes, with most programs going blank with UI freezes.

I’m starting to wonder if I about to have some hardware failure?

Normally I throw away Monday mornings to backup, but I have another story to tellĀ  (later post) from yesterday, that once it was solved, made me want to run my backup now.

Superlative is not a Superlative

Looking at the back of a box of cereal I noticed this great modesty:

"Superlative" and "Unsurpassed" Just Sounded A Bit Like Bragging

No it more sounds like bad copy editing to me. Noting that superlative is not a superlative, it’s an adjective (or adverb).

I’m guess this came about because someone said lets get some quotes from customers and then be coy about not not using those words (yes double negative).

So person A gave the following text to person B, “Superlative” and “Superlative” just sounded a bit like bragging and then person B knowing that if they asked customers what they thought they would get “Bland” and “Cardboard-like” and those are not really positive or superlatives, I would have to said “Blandest” and “Cardboard-est”.

So person B Google’d superlative, choice unsurpassed as there first word, which means: not capable of being improved on and (superlative of `good’) [Source]. The former is true and I’m not sure how you could improve this product, and the second ‘good’ is just untrue. At this point person B’s brain prolapsed from personal integrity check failure, and when they awoke they had something that look like “super…” and “unsurpassed” and it looked good enough.

Ship it!

Then in the search for a cereal that is not mostly sugar, or honey coated (natures sugar, it must be good for you), my wife purchased it, I lucked out by eating it. That box is finished, but we have two other types from the same company, and the first of those is equally bad so far.