Long Haul Flight: Movie Review

Back in May I flew to New Zealand for a work summit, and I normally track the movies I watch, as there’s not much else to do on the flight. I had written blog posts on the WordPress iPhone App, but not uploaded them to the blog. So here with a four month delay is the movie report in order of enjoyment.

Kung Fu Wing Chun

Kung Fu Wing Chun was a fantastic Kung Fu movie. Lots of great action with ridiculous plot. Lots of cheesy humor also made this a great film.

The Company Men

The Company Men was a great film, really enjoyed the darkness. Working for the man.

Minority Report

I had resisted watching Minority Report due to reports of terrible VR scenes and weak plot. Not sure if it was the poor air on the plane or what ;-) but I quite liked theĀ  plot really. Yes the VR acting/hand waving was obnoxious but I liked the movie none the less.

TRON: Legacy

Now, this was a cheesy film. Very bright suites. Plot was a little weak. Funny to see the ring on the fathers back while they are on the mission to reclaim it.

Odd Ad Scheduling

Listening to the radio on the way to the airport, there was an ad for Trojan Fire & Ice condoms with all the oh & ah noises.

The next ad started with a male voice ‘oh my mouth is on fire’ hmm that’s not how you use them. Turns out it’s an ad for spicy meat sticks. Not much better…

Satellite Worker

I came into work today and everything seemed fine, but then I couldn’t log into the email server, or the issue list, or see the code repository.

All my co workers are fine, but I’m not, everybody else uses local company servers, and I use server from another company in another country. I can VPN ‘home’ and can surf the Internet, but not talk to my infrastructure.

Turns out there was a fire in the NZ office, and weirdly enough it’s still the middle of the night in NZ. Now the neat part is, if things are not good enough for those workers to work on their new day, they will be sent home, where-as, I’m here in a perfectly good office, cut off from my normal work tools. So do I go home, or just tidy my desk, or just edit lots of code, and have to manage the multiple check-ins later. Sigh

Post VS2010 SP1 Updates Issue

Since installing the Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010, my .sln files for Visual Studio 2005 have not been opening.

This turns out to be, because I had VS2005 set to need Admin Privileges to run, to allow some remote debugging. But I also needed to set this for the Visual Studio Launcher, as this is what chooses which Visual Studio to open the solution file. In applying the service pack, it appears the need Admin Privileges setting was lost.

To test this, I found the VS2005 executable and remove the Admin Privileges requirement, and then my 2005 solutions opened.

But I couldn’t find where the Launcher was, so searching registry for .sln I found the file uses:


looking for this you find it at:


which for my machine points to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSEnv\VSLauncher.exe

Now knowing the Launchers name/location I can set needs Admin Privileges and everything works as it was.