Sim in the City

Here are four pictures from my walking trip around NYC last night. There were quite a few NYPD cars around, and a number of barricaded buildings. The New York Stock Exchange was one that had high security. It was quite surreal to turn off Broadway on to Wall Street. After walking down Broadway for a while I came across a building that had the most barricades, which I later found out was the FBI building. Weirdest part was one van parked near police car on Broad St. had signing that was like “Acme Bomb Handling” I was so dumb struck by it, I kept walking and didn’t take a photo.

I walked for a few hours, covering 3.4 miles (5.5KM) and was quite cold by the end of all.

Bad Weather = Cancelled Flights

Due to Blizzard Warnings, wild winds and snow all United flights out of Peoria today are cancelled.

Argg this is exactly what I didn’t want to happen on the return trip flights. I’m rescheduled for flights tomorrow but am hoping to getting earlier flights, otherwise all of Monday will be lost.

Orbitz for Business has the worst hold “music”, I hesitate to call it hold music, as it’s just silence, with every 20 seconds a computerised voice telling you that your still on hold, and thanking you for holding, and asking you remain on the line, and that Orbitz values my customer ship, and lots more brown noising noises. Just play some tacky music, and stop talking, or hire more phone call workers.

Anyway, no earlier flights so I’m just missing the first of three days…

Well at least that saves one day of small talk about the weather, etc. ;-)

Halo 3: ODST

As my first introduction to the Halo world, Halo 3: ODST was awesome fun. I brought it second hand so the short length campaign play was not too disappointing, but I really enjoyed the dark stalking around the city, searching for clues, and then the more action orientated sub-missions to complete the plot. Very enjoyable.

I really struggled with using the controller to move and shoot, compared to mouse and keyboard combo, as said previously, all the buttons are on the wrong side of the controller once you switch the look and move sticks.

After completing the game, and doing a few levels with some skulls turned on, I tried the online multi-player mode. Very fun, but very much more intense compared to the slower stalking play of ODST. Also the buttons being misplaced is even more pronounced. I did find a different layout “Bump and Jump” with the melee and jump buttons of LB and RB which is better, but had to learn to twist my right hand, to bring my fingers on top, to reload (A or B) while using my thumb to move.

Now that I’ve played the ODST, I’m keen to play a more classic Halo, to get a more grounded Halo experience. Not sure if I should play Halo 3 or move to Halo 3 Reach, any opinions?

Also I noticed the fire fight mode of ODST on Wikipedia, so now I’m going to have to try that out, to collect the achievements. Achievements are such a great way to hint that you’ve not experienced all of a game, I love them…