EconTalk Podcast

For almost the last year I have been listening to the EconTalk podcast by Russ Roberts, and I think it’s been incredibly enlightening process.

So much so that I I’ve almost been banned from uttering phrases like: “today I was listen to a podcast” or “today I lent” at home. I really have been learning so many cool things, and thinking about issues from a new perspective.

I originally listened to the main podcast, and towards the end of that I discovered the archive podcasts for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. This has been one of the main podcast I have listened to on my commute and lunch-time walks, it’s been magic.

Having started at the end and then going back to the begin of the series, it has been really interesting to see how the sytle and format of the show has changed, the introduction of the intro music, changes of email, etc.

Some of my favorite shows have been when Russ talks to Mike Munger as the interaction dynamics between the two is really energetic. Especially with Mike’s love of sarcasm, you really have to think about what he’s saying to workout when he’s joking. Also when Russ, just talks by himself for the hour, as he talks in very logical and balanced style, reviewing both sides of the argument.

On the flip side, when talking to people that fit the more traditional academic stereotype - that are not good talkers, that interrupt lots or use repetitive fillers, to keep control of the conversation - sometimes annoy me, as they are pushing the conversation to hard, and it feels less smooth flowing.

I also really appreciate Russ’s humbleness and openness to stating he doesn’t get something and willingness to ask question that sound simple.

I actually have 6 episodes not listen to, they are the Arnold Klein - The Theory of Moral Sentiments discussions, and that’s because I have purchased the book, and want to listen to each one after having read that section of the book.