Who Cut The Cheese?

I purchased Who Cut The Cheese? – An A-Mazing Parody about Change (and How We Can Get Our Hands on Yours) from a local library books sale for $1, and it was fantastic parody of the Who Moved my Cheese book/program that was ran at a previous employer before lay-off’s.

This book was a very quick read, but so funny in it’s parody. Many frowning looks from my wife as I really laugh-out-loud, and read parts out to her.

Interestingly there seams to a large number of Cheese books on Amazon, and this is probably the best one…

Also if you want a good laugh, read the one star reviews of the original book on Amazon, there are gems like alternative books titles, “It’s Never Easy Letting Valuable Employees Such As Yourself  Bill, I mean, Bob

How to make your WordPress Theme wider

Here’s the steps to make your WordPress default (Kubrick) theme wider.

For me I made it 200 pixels wider.

So for functions.php add 200 to each of the highlighted rows

In rtl.css add 200 also

In style.css add 200 to all but the #commentform input which I added only 100

Then images\header-img.php add 200 to each value

Lastly make the following pictures 200 pixels wider images\kubrickbgwide.jpg, images\kubrickfooter.jpg and images\kubrickheader.jpg

I did this in Paint.Net by creating a new picture the same size as each one, pasting in the picture left justified then cutting from the source image the right 60% of the image and pasting that over the right edge of the picture giving a wider final picture.

Zoom helped for aligning the pictures. Also be careful when you export the pictures as the compression settings have a lot of effect of size of the images.