9% Compounding yield over 19 years

I found out today, that my investment in Bonus Bonds I made when I was 13 has had a annualized compounding yield of 9% over all these years.

That’s pretty good performance. If only I had the vision to have invested more!

I was expecting zero growth, and the ANZ bank teller pointed out that at least I still had the original investment, and I pointed out that at 3% inflation the original $5 was worth $2.82 or should be valued at $8.84 to have held it’s buying power.

But wait in August 2006 I won $20.

I know, I’m going to have to start some lists. Plan how I spend the unforeseen windfall.

I might even get some independent investment advice.

I feel almost compelled to diversify my investment portfolio…

I think I need a tax free haven with low risk and high yield, any idea’s people?

Or maybe just leave stay in-to-win with a 25 in 2,000,000,000 chance of winning the $1 Million every month!

Hmm, just found that for each unit, you have a 1 in 16,000 chance of winning something a month, thus my original $5 should have won once every 266 years, looks like I came in 250 years early. Where-as now I should win something every 10 years… Woot!

Forcing a SATA II HDD to work as SATA I

A few weekends ago, I advised my father-in-law, that buying a new SATA disk should work fine. Hours of blue-screen-of-death’s later, the BOIS did not see the disk,  but XP would boot then BSOD.

Everything I had read said SATA II disks should auto detect and run as SATA I mode if the controller was only SATA I, but this did not appear to work in this case.

David’s work IS guy took great glee in suggesting  ‘setting the jumpers’ verse my ‘flash the BOIS’ advise.

Turns out the 640GB Western Digital drive has a SATA I mode if you set the jumpers correctly.. and after many hours of googling through bad advise David finally found this WD Knowledge Base answer which says:


And it all then worked.
I tried this on my WD 320 GB hard drive, and the problems with booting I had for the last few years, have gone away. Yeah! I was lucky as this was in my Linux file server, so it was not rebooted often. Previously I’ve had to unplug the on-board Ethernet card before it would correctly put the seconds disk is SATA I mode, I also had to have the second disk in the primary SATA control  channel.

All solved now!

LinkedIn add Twitter dribble to RSS Feed

OMG, WTF, LinkedIn developers in their lack of vision have added support for Twitter into LinkedIn, thus turning it from a business network tool, into a Facebook style pile of dung.

I’m ok with that, but what I’m not cool about is them adding this dribble to my RSS feed about my network.

If I wanted Twitter dribble from my professional peers, I’d follow then on Twitter… where’s the opt-in/opt-out…



outliersI purchased Outliers while in America this year.

Funny book buying story: there was a 20% off sticker of the jacket, but no price tag. All books in New Zealand have a price sticker on the back, as they are the US or UK print runs shipped here. Thus I was looking for the price sticker, when it dawned on my that it might be the RRP.  I then had to search the book jacket for the RRP (it’s on the inside front cover). Felt a complete nob.

Anyway the book is good, I had read some reviews/out-takes that talked about the hockey/football teams, so I was hooked.

I found the rest of the book to be as insightful. The key idea being that success is not just the efforts of the successful, but also not completely up to fate, very much along the lines of: life is what we make of those chances we are presented. To be a true outlier you need both (fate and effort) to go your way in large doses.

It also showed once again that there is no get-rich quick, no magic formula. Just people becoming great via hard work.