Last post of the year.

Well here it is, the last post of 2009. It’s been a long year in the making. We are now out of our house, packed, and just waiting for the last New Zealand based events to complete.

I really love my iPod Touch. I have been playing a lot of Perilar (free), reading about CRPG history and game design. This has been helping my thinking on how I would go about making a CRPG for the iPhone/Touch.

See you all next year!

2009 a Year in Review

The year the Foo Fighters released a Tom Petty quality song (Wheels).

James Cameron released a very hyped computer generated ‘blue version’ of Dances with Wolves.

People continued to claim RSS/Blogging was dead, and Twitter was the new king. With all of the wonder of limited capacity but with an instant and continuous stream of dribble. Proving tech people are no better than the CNN watching masses. And we wonder why the newspapers are dying…

And the year I spent weeks filling in US governmental forms that were unnecessarily complex. Texts fields to small forĀ  requested information, pdf forms that don’t allow you to save, and helpful blobs of text wasting form space, but telling you how much time it should take to fill the form out, which due to the previous problems means you have to do it in one sitting, thus have all your answers pre-found, thus you do the form twice to find the things you didn’t know. Making a mockery of the stupid Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980. It’s not like when you did things by hand with a pen, you couldn’t just put the pen down (save) and resume later…

Roll on 2010.

WordPress 2.9 upgrade failure

I upgraded WordPress from 2.8.x to 2.9 this morning, the site works well, but when I go to the main Admin Dashboard I get this error:

Not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1, column 1

Very annoying really, but I can still view other pages, so it seems to be a problem with the actual dashboard page verse the database or some other problem.

Will update once the problem is solved.

(12 minutes later..) Hmm: It’s now working… not sure that anything changed.

Extending my Apple Collection

iPod Touch
Yesterday I extended my Apple collection by purchasing a iPod Touch (8gb).

I was planning to wait until we arrived in the US, to buy there, but Mahalia bought one yesterday. I could not stand the idea of her beating me in the tech race, so even though she beat me on purchasing, for some strange reason mine was the first to join the home network etc.

So I win!

I’m still trawling the App Store for useful applications, so if you have any recommendations I’m open.

There are so many applications I’m not sure how anybody could make a a living off developing apps. It’s all so crazy.

Also I would like to know how to set-up Mahalia’s App Store so she can install free stuff, but not buy other stuff. I.e. not have her account bound to a credit card. Any ideas?