Personal Names

Made a weird discovery this week, my neighbour and I both share the same spelling of our names yet they are pronounced differently.

I’m Simeon (sim-e-on) and he is Simeon (sime-on the same as the name Simon),  so weird to think of different ways of decomposing the same letter tokens.

He was saying he gets called Simeon a lot where-as I got called Simon a lot as a child.  It’s weird to have a semi-unique name, and then find the person next to you have the names spelling but your mistaken version.

When removing columns rebuild your views

If remove a column from a table in your Oracle DB, and you have a views that select * from tablename, you need to recreate the view.

I was comparing my old schema and new schema, and had all the correct column changes, and index changes, but was still having some views marked invalid and therefore failing to run.

It was noticed by a co-worker (via the DDL) that the view was still referring to the dropped column.

I had assumed that the code received back from the DB was verbose (every selected item named) because the tools were lazy, but this makes sense once you think about how select * may get compiled by the DB, but can catch you out when just comparing SQL text changes.