Mario Kart Wii

We purchased Mario Kart Wii in the weekend, and played it near non-stop for most the weekend.

Quite a blast really, but the real point of this post is to share my Driver ID for those out there also with Mario Kart, that would like to compete on stat’s or race verses etc.

Simii: 2278-2389-2860

Freeview HD

Not sure what’s happened today, but all our normal terrestrial channels are in fantastic quality this evening.

This gave me the idea to try Freeview HD terrestrial, which previously could not find any signal.

But today, we have picture prefect TV. woot!.

Now all I want to know is why? What has changed? Has it just been the weather?

Update: When the hard-drive recorder turned on to record, Freeview signal was lost. Now I need to investigate if a splitter will allow both devices to get a good signal or not….