End of year

And so we get to the end of the year.  It has been quite a good year personally,

Blog-wise: 92 posts, 133 comments, 18K visits from 141 countries.

Top five viewed pages in 2008:

  1. wpf making a expander look like a groupbox
  2. remote connection to oracle 10g express via odbc
  3. blog
  4. category: curse of the azure bonds
  5. curse of the azure bonds code wheel copy protection

All of which were 2007 posts, so here are the top five viewed pages from 2008:

  1. casio ctk-800 and macbook
  2. slow dns on macbook
  3. how to build a wireshark plug-in
  4. reverse-and-add 110502 in erlang
  5. oracles lag in ms sql server 2005

Only a few minutes left of today, this month and year, so I’ll post now, and go to bed.  See you next year!

New swim record

After over eating on Christmas day, and then feeling very bloated on Boxing day, I went for a swim at the local pool and set a new personal record of 3km (in two sets of 1.5km).  I was shocked by how much energy I had, but my tendons were starting to feel pulled at the end.

On the underwater front, I also swam 50m underwater, the week before.  I have done this a few times this year.  I feel kind of bad that I’ve not played underwater hockey this year at all.  I revisited Tony’s underwater hockey blog today and felt the need to pay some respect.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Summary: Boring

I sat down with Jacob to have a geek fest and watch Clone Wars today, but I’ve had to walk away near the end.

I was getting bored to tears with all the talking.  I had such high expectations…

It’s finished now, and Jacob has just declared it disapointing also.

Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.15

Build 1.0.15 is now available for your gaming pleasure.

  • The game now plays sampled sounds, so you can have that authentic gaming experience!  I even use a blend of PC Speaker sounds and Tandy 1000 sounds.  I’m moving towards the latter, as they sound way better
  • Also this Installer is actually playable, as build 1.0.14 was missing a .dll, and I wonder why nobody mentioned this….
  • Enhanced the ‘Dump Monsters’ debugging, it now dumps all monsters plus details shown in my monsters blog post, to a monsters.html file in the current working directory
  • Started working on decoding the affects and their meaning, to clean-up above monsters.html

Also a warning that the game-play may have been affected by the level of code-refactoring I have currently been undertaking, so watch-out, but feel free to report any issues.

Loving the Visual Studio 2008 compiler

I have been finding lambda and extension methods really helpful in my game port.

Blobs of C styled single linked list code, when changed to generic lists boil down to one line.

like this:

Item item = player.itemsPtr;
while (item != null)
    Item next_item = item.next;

    if (item_type == item.type)
        lose_item(item, player); // just removes from linked list.
    item = next_item;

to this:

player.items.RemoveAll(item => item.type == item_type);

much nicer.