Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.9

Installer 1.0.9 has been placed on the Google Code server. Issues fixed in this release:

  • Issue 5 – The correct exit message now plays when you try leave the Moander temple
  • Issue 6 – Moander sigil now fades at the correct speed
  • Issue 10 – Ranged weapons (fireball spell) can no longer target through walls
  • Issue 19 – The correct event happens when dealing with Dracolich
  • Issue 20 – This encounter now works
  • Issue 21 – The treasure picture now is displayed when sharing out treasure
  • Issue 22 – The world map icon now flashes
  • Issue 23 – Magic Darts are now pluralised correctly
  • Fixed text problem on the large map, where the last four characters were not cleared off the screen

Hope this further improves the playability of the port. I look forward to all issues, either in the comments or in the issue list on google code.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy
Shannon has lent me Super Mario Galaxy (as well as Sonic and the Secret Rings, Mario Strikers Charged Football, and Rayman Raving Rabbids)

The most outstanding feature has to be the assistance a second person can make. For the kids this makes the game, the second person gets to collect star-bits and hold (some) monsters. So they are playing together and the non-player isn’t just telling the player what to-do, as they have their own tasks.

Michaela’s playing this also, as there are six save games, and I’ve been playing assistant for her.

It looks fantastic on the new HD TV, even though it’s only 480p.

New TV

A few weekends ago we purchased a big 32″ LCD TV (big to us!). It came with a hard-drive recorder, and it is working out fantastically.

The TV and HDD Recorder have enough features to be causing learning difficulties for others in the house, but chase-play and no tapes is winning wife-acceptance-factor points.

After some much needed cabling upgrading, the Wii looks much better running 480p. GameCube games don’t look so flash, as they are running 576i, and there is colour sharing…. but I’m almost finished Zelda – Wind Waker.

I would like to buy a better cable for the MacBook to connect with, as the mini-DVI to Composite doesn’t run high-def, but that’s on hold to see what comes out of the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference next work. I am hoping for a beefed up MacMini. I would like to see a blend of the AppleTV’s connections, and the Mini’s flexibility (network connectivity and video codec’s.