Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.11

Installer 1.0.11 is now released.

Issues fixed in this build are:

  • Fixed crash, caused by trying to load the 8 frame Medusa animation – Issue 27
  • Using the ‘Dust of Disappearance’ crashed the game in casting stage
  • Displaying magic effects after using the ‘Dust of Disappearance’ showed Invisible as well as <no spell effects>
  • Effects were not restored correctly from a saved game
  • Player items were loaded in the opposite order compared to the DOS version
  • Effects were wearing off too quickly. In the Mulmaster Beholder Corps battle the Dust was gone after round 3

As always, progress is slow but steady, and I have started playing the game from the beginning to check that the game is playable.

BSOD on MacBook

I was just playing my Curse of the Azure Bonds port, checking that the game can be played through, when Windows ‘Blue Screen of Death’.  It was a very rude feeling, as I have not seen a BSOD for years, well at least that’s how it feels.

I’m feeling really cheated on the gaming front, because I had gotten into the third zone of the fire knives, and hadn’t saved since starting the game, so lost heaps of progress….

At least Windows kept the dump files, and uploaded them so it might get fixed. The next part always make me laugh, you get taken to a Microsoft page where you get told, “sorry there is not a lot we can do about that…” and then they ask if that was helpful…  sure was!

There is an update from Apple for ‘BootCamp Installs’ which is installing right now, but I had to stop playing my game, as the Installer keep grabbing focus, which gets annoying quickly.

Well it wants to reboot now, so I’ll have to go.

It’s back, and now installing Service Pack 3 for XP, so my evening is over.

Post #500, Well really #392

According to the WordPress post management screen, this post will be post #500, yet the dashboard says I only have 391 actual posts.  Not sure what has happened to the other 108 posts.

But whether or not this post is number 500, it does mark a new milestone.  I have confessed my shame over my useless writing/grammar/spelling skills to Michaela, who has very kindly offered to be my editor.

Here are some examples of noticed mistakes:

Intended Word Used Word
were where
seem seam
which witch
whether weather
sweet sweat

This excludes my over use of commas, and general missing of tiny words from long sentences.

So moving forward, my posts will hopefully be less incomprehensible dribble, and just dribble.

Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.10

Well, build 1.0.10 of your favourite game has now hit the shop shelves…er, download now for free from google

Issues fixes in this release are:

  • Issue 8 – Combatant placement is now correct for large groups
  • Issue 9 – (Was fixed in rev 121), but now tested to prove that is fixed
  • Issue 14 – Attacks of opportunity now occur
  • Issue 18 – Scribing spells, now works (tested magic users + rangers)
  • Issue 24 – Trying to leave Tilverton crashed game
  • Issue 25 – Trading money between party members was broken

I’m quite pleased with this release, as now combat is closer to complete with the fixing of Issues 14 and 8.
As always, your welcome to place feedback here, or in the issue list

Product Naming *groan*

Oh my god, the people further up the ladder have after a year and a half decided what our new database/reporting tools will be named.

The tools came from another company (X) that is now owned by our parent (Y) so they were called:

X 2DB, X DB Configurator, X DB Editor, X DB Reports

because they loaded data into the DB, configured the normalised data, edited the loaded data, and reported on the data.

When one and a half years ago we merged with these tools, both parties rebranded them:

Y 2DB, Y DB Configurator, Y DB Editor, Y DB Reports

But now we have a directive from on high to call them:

Y 2DB, Y Configurator, Y Editor, Y Reports

They didn’t rename the data loader, either because Y 2 is too stupid, or more likely they didn’t know what a “2DB” was, so left it alone. The next problem is we have had another Configuration program in the pipeline for the last year, to configure machines, which we were going to call Y Machine Configurator. Will they also want to remove the Machine from that name, as it also adds to much descriptive value?

*arggg* it drives me batty the crap that others do in the name of “adding value”