Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.6

Build 1.0.6 has been released. Download from Google Code

Release Notes:

  • Issue 3 – Detect magic cast when sharing treasure now works, therefore you can see the magic treasure
  • Fixed the function that checks if any team member has a spell, to return the correct team member (and therefore not crash)
  • Paladin’s can now cure other players from the ‘view player’ screen
  • Issue 4 – combat screen background colour is now gray not black
  • Fixed ‘Paul’s save game E’ play problem correctly
  • Fixed combat targeting via the Aim sub-menu
  • Fixed logic in the remove affect code, that meant they were not being removed
  • Translated more assembly, and name/renamed functions and variables as their purpose became clear
  • Fixed the clipping of the combat screen. Large monsters were over drawing the board, which is not redrawn
  • Implemented video ram save/restore so the missile items draw correctly in combat
  • Changed the DaxFileCache to copy data before returning. This slows the game down more, but stops merged pictures from being wrong on second viewings (camp fire in DEMO)

I have a fist full of issue reported by Paul in the 1.0.5 build yet to fix, of which the most annoying is using his Save Game F, the beholder combat does not start due to infinite looping while placing the combatants. This has been the driver for the large volume of function/variable check-ins I have been doing, while I try get my head around what is happening, and what should be happening.

I hope there is enough progress to improve the experience over 1.0.5, for those people giving it a try.