Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.8

I put up build 1.0.8 on Wednesday to fix a missing file from the installer, as discovered via Issue 17

Other fixes in the build are:

  • Issue 16 – Copying items between players resulted in duplication
  • Overhauled the cheats – You can now activate the original cheats via context menu, plus a few extras. Remember to press ‘-‘ to activate “god intervene”
  • Fixed a mistake, that stopped you from memorising spells when resting (more work needed in the area of spells)
  • Fixed a mistake, that said you had cast a combat spell in non-combat when you chose to cancel

Happy playing…

Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.7

Build 1.0.7 has been released. Download from Google Code

Release Notes:

  • Fixed the “You have lost the fight”/”Zero EXP” noticed fighting Drow patrols in Save E
  • Fixed crash when lightning bolt spell hits a wall
  • Turned off the “always on” detect magic effect that was left in after debugging the issue
  • Fixed ‘Paul’s save game F’ forward into big fight. The combat now actually begins
  • Added a cheat, to allow Saving Throws to always succeed for the party. Some spells however do not make saving throws, and other have lesser spells cast when the major fails
  • Fixed a number of small mistaken translations
  • Fixed the installer so older installations are removed, and from 1.0.7 onwards, older installers will not over install newer installations
  • As always, lots of renaming of the variables/functions

So a minor release really, but I been wanting to fix the installer for a while, so I did.

Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming

Wow, I have just discovered this gem of a web-site Core Techniques and Algorithms in Games Programming

I am only a fraction of my way through, but I’m finding it great.

I found it via the Molly Rocket fourms, along with the coolest polygon edge traversal loop

int i,j;
for (j=n-1,i=0; i < n; j=i++) {

Which puts the edge case (the end) and the beginning, so the loop is trivial, it’s just so neat.  A better write-up is here

Telstra now installed!

After lots of rubbish, we have finally returned to Telstra as our telephone and Internet provider. Take that Telecom! – Again!!

I have spent the evening making the file-server linux box now act as a firewall/router/NAT box as well as what it was previously doing.

Finished downloading some stuff, that had been started on the Xtra Broadband, oh my gosh Telstra is just faster, by lots!

Now I might even get back into FPS gaming….