Helicopter – update

Well I have owned my v3 lama for a few weeks now, and I am loving it just as much as the day I got it. Still got the Airwolf tune playing in my head….

I am no longer hard landing it, or putting it into the walls, etc. but the crashes I have now are much harder… yet still the v3 lama lives.

Here is the state of the heli after the second time the aerial got sucked up into the blades
Helicopter with tail broken

Some white electric tape, then super glue, and the tail is fixed.  After smashing the blades, I swapped to hardened blades. Here it is, waiting for the battery to charge before the next mission……
Helicopter - sitting awaiting new mission briefing from HQ

The day has come….

The day that 200 gram chip packets (crisps) are now 150 gram. They had a brief stint at 190 grams, but the possibility of even small bags filled mostly with air was too tempting for both Bluebird and ETA.

I find it so silly that packaged food is in ever small portions to keep things at “magic” price points.  Just inflate the god dam price.

Sorry, I have lots of things to rant about, but this is about the only one suitable for public airing….

2.5 Hours of downtime

I have just wasted the last 2.5 hours, trying to upgrade WordPress from 2.2.3 to 2.3.3

It went worse than my attempt to move to 2.3.2, as I lost my 2.2.3 database, so have spent the last 30 minutes rebuilding the whole thing.

Two lessons learnt:

  1. Don’t try and upgrade while at work. Even though the Internet connection is fast, people like to interrupt you, and feel that they are the most important thing happening at that time.
  2. Don’t try an over-the-top upgrade, make a second DB, and get it working before pulling down your normal site.

Sorry if anybody (other than me) noticed.

Curse of the Azure Bonds Update

I have updated the installer on GoogleCode. Second time in the same month.

The major change is that you can now save your game!  This is quite exciting for me, as now the game is actually playable. The file formats are not changed from the original DOS version, so these files should be loadable from DOS, if that sort of thing is of interest.

The three other changes are:

  • small pictures are now displayed correctly, in scripted sequences, like the DEMO.
  • Fighter hit points are correctly managed in the modify player screen.
  • I have mapped the [ and ] keys to the keypad ‘home’ and ‘end’, so menu’s can be scrolled on my laptop as it has no keypad…

So quickly run and get Installer 1.0.4, and play, play, play!

Finished Super Paper Mario

Four months ago Shannon lent me Super Paper Mario.  I finished the game last night, I had 55 hit points, 10 attack, and 29 hours of play.

I found the plot very enjoyable, the game play and puzzles were ever changing, and therefore things were not too repetitive.

I played the 100 level cave, and got to level 87 in one hour before running out of health.  Annoyingly I was ~1000 points away from a level-up, and the free hit-point regeneration that comes with it.  But I’m not sure I will re-attemp the cave, before returning the game to Shannon, after all I still have Zelda – Wind Waker and Pickman 2 to complete!