I’ve been watching this morning, interesting idea. I have watched a lot of adds, and have ~3,000 mint dollars. Most thing seem to be selling for m$12,000, so I’m guessing I need to watch for a few weeks to get a little action. Only on the Internet can you be paid to watch adds.

There are a few guessing games, that look game-able, so I’ll have to read the code a little more to see… hmm cheating my way to prizes….

House Update – Joists all done

Harvey and I got the last sole plate, foundation board, and joists in place yesterday (Canterbury’s A&P Show Day).

All joists replaced

The room has a very close to finished feeling. We then started inspecting the rest of the house, to check for further work required in the near term. And there is some, but only a little. The other task we started and will continue tomorrow is clearing the rubble from under the house and lowering the dirt level so we can lay a polythene ground sheeting.

So while the room that started it all is nearing completion, there are new tasks spawned that need doing before the floor can go back down…

House Update

Saturday was spent working on the house again.  The end result was 1.4 m wall section replaced (foundation board and wall base board) and three joists in place (plus a 4″x 2″ at the end of these).

All this can been seen in this photo:

Photo of floor - with more joists

The wall being on the top-left and the extra board being on the bottom-right, with the three joists being those in the middle of the picture.

Work left is:

  • two joists at the bottom-left on picture
  • the missing joist from the top-right of picture
  • 1.3 m of wall
  • an internal wall joist (saving the easy parts till last)

Then a floor can go down, but before that, a PVC layer will be rolled out and sealed with vast amounts of tape. Roll on the weekend. or was that the weak-end to this post….

Windows Live Writer leaves Beta

Windows Live Write leaves Beta and moves into the bundle-ware stage. This was announced two days ago on the Windows Live Writer blog, but like previous releases, the URL just redirected you to some crap page. Luckily the Windows Live Writer blog has a Send Feedback link, so I did just that to tell how crap they are! and promptly gave up on the update.

Today I read that the installer in has a “new” workflow, so tried it out and the URLs all work just fine now. I agree with Kevin that the new installer is pants. In fact it’s like Microsoft wants to reinvent the control panel and have made their own just for Live ™ software.

So I’m not using version 12 of Windows Live Writer, and I’ll see how it goes, but on the whole I’m not impressed with the change to the installation model..

Super Paper Mario

Shannon, the great game pimp, has leant me Super Paper Mario. Once I got past the talk-a-thon at the start, the game has been great fun.  I love the 2D/3D of the game, swapping state all the time to look for more treasure.

This beta version of an underground area from Chapter 3-1 is a flashback reference to a prior Mario game (specifically, World 1-2 of Super Mario Bros.) and is shown in 2-D and 3-D

I’m also really pleased that the game has four save slots, not three, like all previous games. This will allow Michaela to play also.

So now I’m in the middle of playing two games (Super Paper Mario, and Need For Speed: Carbon) while having Zelda – Wind Waker queued up also.

Too much fun, not enough time…..