Visual Studio: Multiple startup projects

I have just been blessed with knowledge from 11 times MVP Chris Crowe. I was down in IS Land, complaining about how Visual Studio became unstable when debugging many instances of the same solution. And Chris drops the bombshell that you can launch and debug from the same instance.

Low and behold it’s true, and now I’m even considering moving more projects into the same solution, just to simplify the debug launch process…

So the steps are:

  1. right-click on your Solution in the Solution Explorer
  2. click of Properties
    Steps 1 - 2
  3. select Startup Project
  4. select Multiple startup projects:
  5. change the Action from None to Start or Start without debugging
  6. use the Arrow to change the order of the projects starting up
    Steps 3 - 6
  7. press F5 to run them all…

For more information here is the MSDN link