Windows Media Player UI Bug

I’m writing my bug report here, as I couldn’t find where to report this bug.  Any insight to where/how to report Media Player bugs would be good to know.

  • When you view you songs in Expanded Tile mode
    Putting Windows Media Player in Expanded Tile mode
  • You get a grey mouse over affect on song titles
    Windows Media Player UI fine
  • But when you have the display horizontally scrolled the mouse over draws to the original position, not the scroll adjusted position.
    Windows Media Player UI bug

Home Building update

Following on from the Labour Day Laboring post,

Harvey and I have:

  • Pulled all the skirting board off
  • Found that the bottom of the wall framing (sits on joists) was rotten on the south and west (box window) wall
  • pulled of the weather board on the box window to find it was mostly rotten also
  • replaced all damaged wall base beams on west wall
    West wall base beams
  • replaced the framing of the box window
    Box Window framing replaced
  • put the floor joist that ran along west wall in place, thus the reason for fixing the above west wall while access was there
  • removed all weatherboards on the west wall
  • replaced one west wall stud that was damaged
  • called in a builder to replace the structural corner studs that are damaged/rotten

Would be interested to know if there is a name for the bottom of wall framing board, and the name of the board that sits on the foundation.

Labour Day Weekend Laboring

I decided to spend the Labour Day long weekend to investigate the 1cm gap between the floor and wall that had appeared in our bedroom.  With Harvey’s help we had a plan that this could be done over the Sunday and Monday, which coincided with his days off.

After removing the lament floor, the padding/insulating layer, and smoothing 3mm MDF layer, we found the problem. The floor was rotten. So we removed it.

Giving us this unwanted stuff:

Floor boards junk

And a nice spacious area to relax in:

Floor boards gone

After four hours was wasted traveling to all Christchurch’s hardware shops in search of imperial sized beams, we found them at the last place we looked (and could think of looking at). Two days later we have got the two beams replaced, and two joists in place. Thus giving the room this look.

New beams and two jousts in place

Work was slowed, by finding the bottom wall beams were also partially rotten so they needed replacing before inserting of the joists. So it has turned into a very slow project. Luckily our bed fits in the alcove of the dinning room nicely.

Boot Camp Puzzle released

Peter announced the Boot Camp puzzle Dave and I worked on. The main prize is a Microsoft Zune, I wonder what colour it is?

I can’t compete of course, but I have started a mine’s faster than yours thread on the mailing list, in the hope of spurring on some innovative data structures usage.

My solution is currently running at 610ms (wall clock) to build the data tree, and then search it. There are few more new‘s that can be removed, but I’m not sure of the trade-off between speed and ugly code. I guess I’ll just have to find out.