Lint, the best thing for your C/C++ code

I was first introduced to PC-Lint at my old company, after complaining about code style and the state of the software after having warnings turned off for years to a co-worker.  I then spent a few months evaluating the software and removing bugs from our system before getting the sign off to purchase licenses for the team.

The best part was finding odd-case errors, fixing them, and later reviewing customer crashes and observing, Oh I’ve fixed that already. Nothing better to say to the management types who love to rush products out the door.

Anyway in our current C++ code base I have been removing large numbers of warnings (and solved some corner case bugs), and now have team buy-in. It’s the most beautiful thing to see the warning count drop, and read check-in comments about warning removal.

On Friday I pulled out the trusty PC-Lint again, but was not sure how best to run this beast of a tool against a Visual Studio project/solution. Enter Visual Lint, a fantastic integration piece of software.

I can see a few more purchase orders in the near future.

Pikmin 2

Shannon leant me Pikmin 2, GameCube controller, and GameCube memory card a few weeks back, and I have been playing it quite a bit. Need for Speed has taken a back seat.

It’s very fun just collecting the little Pikmin, and exploring the maps. I have just gotten to the third area, Perplexing Pool, and had been doing well at not losing (getting killed) my Pikmin, but the skinny walkways with water next to them have been slaughtering them in mass.

If you can get your hands of the required parts (game, controller, and memory card) it’s a great extension to the Wii gaming experience.

Using µTorrent Overnight

A few nights ago I had a few hours to go on a bit-torrent download, and didn’t really want to leave it uncapped over night. But at the same time didn’t want to rate limit the uploading while still downloading (there were only a few people get the file and the only seed was really slow).

In my moment of need, I found µTorrent already had the feature I wanted, but had never seen prior Alternate upload rate when not downloading. I set it to a lousy 2kb which helped me sleep better that night.

Beer Emporium on the Radio

Harvey was on Newstalk ZB yesterday talking about his beer shop The Beer Emporium. I missed the interview, but they have a pod-cast archive of the last week online, but it’s only for the Auckland broadcast. They have regional broadcast till lunch time, then a unified show in the afternoon. Thus no pod-cast of Harvey. They did however have a recording that they provided to Harvey when he asked, which he sent to me.

Now via the power of the Internet I can share it with you

Points of note, Harvey gave me a box of the beer chocolates, and they are fantastic. The chocolates are made by a local company temper! temper!

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming


I purchased the tome Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp by Peter Norvig in the weekend. For two reasons, I wanted to learn more about classic AI solutions, and I wanted to learn about LISP. Two birds with one large tome.

I’m still reading through the Introduction to LISP chapter, but finding it a great read so far. I’ve skimmed the rest of the book, and look forward to reading it in more detail.