It’s All About Silverlight

Today’s .Net User Group meeting was “It’s All About Silverlight” was presented by Kelly Cliffe. It was all about Silverlight, and although Kelly mentioned it was his first public speaking since high school he gave a good talk.

The talk was 101 with meat, so maybe a 201 level with some stories from the battle field (~301 level tit bits).

At the end there were Mix 07 DVDs being handed out and I got Discs 1, 3, 7. So fueled up with Silverlight Cool-Aid I headed home to installed Orcas Beta 1 on my PC. The only thing missing from the DVD set was the “Microsoft Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio codename “Orcas” Beta 1” and once that was all installed it just worked!

I had previously download a Digger(Boulderdash) Silverlight example that I found on Lutz Roeder’s site. It was a VS2005 project so I had fun coping it into a Orcas project and getting it working. Was quite useful seeing how the parts of the namespace/project/output names are used in the xaml etc (ie this was where my pain points were).  Of note is that my version only runs in IE yet Lutz’s current Digger runs fine in FireFox.

So now I have some working code, I need to think what I want to build. I’m not sure but it’s a heck of a lot more accessible than Flash has appeared to be. That might be the tipping point.

Windows Live Writer post to WordPress

Testing that I can post to my new blog via Windows Live Writer, and then I think I’ll be ready for the swap over to occur.

So I’ll include a picture just to see how it all goes… (so I’ve removed the picture because something failed…)


Well pictures now work, but the URL is ugly WindowsLiveWritertoWordPres_xxxx

Importing posts from Blogger

Well the main purpose of this post is to add fake comments so I can see the format, as the default import scripts don’t run, so I’m importing by hand. Makes sense as I’m going to have to import from live spaces also.

Here’s the Blogger Template I used to export my comments (based on Jerry’s post)

AUTHOR: <$BlogItemAuthor$>
DATE: <$BlogItemDateTime$>
TITLE: <$BlogItemTitle$>

Machine Re-pave done!

Well the IS part of re-installing the operating system part has. Only took three goes. Something funny made it fail the first time. The second time my primary disk was named F: not C: so IS scripts didn’t work to well. Third time success!

Some of the things I’m doing differently this no. For starters I’m avoiding installing anything I can avoid.

One of those things was ScrewTurn Wiki, I had been running the Desktop Edition, and the team have been using it, so it’s now on the build machine, via IIS. Issues that needed solving:

  • Repairing .Net Framework 2.0 after installing IIS 5.1 – MS KB555583
  • Give <MachineName>\ASPNET modify privilege to the Wiki folder

Changed from using a *cough* borrowed version of CASE Studio 2 Lite to using the freeware Toad Data Modeler. Same program, same issues, but legit!

Plenty more tools I have not installed yet that I will have to, but the aim is to keep the machine fast and responsive as long as possible.